Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proper Tipping Behavior

Properly Served In New Hampshire writes: My wife and I were out to dinner with two other couples who are also good friends. We all enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine during our meal.
When the check came, we split it three ways. However, one of the other couples insisted that we should tip only on the food portion of the bill. I said we should tip on the entire bill, including the cost of the wine. Who was correct? -- PROPERLY SERVED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

Dear Properly Served,
I'm a bit confused. Was the check split three ways with the bottle of wine being split evenly between the three bills? Tip should definitely be warranted on the total amount of the bill. Alcohol makes the most money for those in the serving industry because it is so pricey. Subtracting this from the bill before adding a tip, would in a word, be a "gyp" (please excuse the rhyme; I couldn't resist).


  1. Why do people hate to tip? Hmmm...

  2. I did a psychology study in my undergraduate work titled "gender-related tipping behavior". It was very interesting to see who would tip and how much.