Friday, March 19, 2010

Bitter in the Northeast writes: I'm a career woman, working for a family-owned business. Last year was difficult because there have been a number of layoffs and no raises. When I had my annual review, I received an outstanding evaluation but was again told no raise would be forthcoming because business is slow.
I could understand this because of the current economy if the owners of the company weren't taking expensive vacations and buying new luxury cars.
I have a hard time accepting there's no money for raises when they spend so extravagantly. I understand it's not my business how they spend their money, but it's difficult to swallow when I feel so taken advantage of. I'm not the only one here feeling the way I do, and it's beginning to create a hostile environment. Am I wrong to feel this way? -- BITTER IN THE NORTHEAST

Dear Bitter,

Your frustration is justified along with the others who are feeling this way at your workplace. I believe that unreasonable priorities are a major problem in this country which is evidenced by the executives at your workplace. However, jobs are hard to come by right now so I would advise you not to make an uproar about this issue. Focus your energy on doing your job and being indispensable to the company. That way if the executives have to start making layoffs to support their lavish lifestyles, you won't be first on their list.


  1. Too true... people are irritating!! Some things just aren't right and unfortunately at times things can't be said.