Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Man Flirts With Young Woman in Front of Wife

Old Fool's Wife in Alabama writes: My husband, "Roger" -- 64 and retired -- has a crush on a 25-year-old woman who lives in our small community and who runs a dress shop I frequent. Roger is usually quiet and reserved, but when he sees "Patti," he utters loud cries and runs to her side. He examines every detail of her clothing, makeup, etc., and takes her hand and compliments her on her soft skin, her ring or the color of her nail polish.
From the expression on her face and the looks she exchanges with the other women in the shop, it's clear she considers him a pest.
I have spoken up and said, "Patti must have a grandfather your age," or, "There's no fool like an old fool," but Roger ignores it. My concern is that he's making a fool of himself in public and, by extension, me. I'm so embarrassed, I can no longer walk into my favorite dress shop. Patti is popular. She has many dates and is not interested in Roger. I hate to be pitied by others. What can I do to stop this? -- OLD FOOL'S WIFE IN ALABAMA

Dear Old Fool's Wife,

Not only are your husband's actions inappropriate, they're disrespectful to you and Patti. It appears to me that Roger is feeling his age and attempting to boost his ego by gaining the attention of an attractive, much younger woman. Though this is common, I'm sure you've heard of "dirty old men", it most certainly can be a problem. If talking to Roger will do no good, avoid telling him when you plan to go to the dress shop so that he has no excuse to tag along. If Roger is going to the shop without you, it is up to Patti to say something to him. You could always talk to her about it so that she knows you support her in telling Roger that his actions are inappropriate and embarrassing. Good luck!


  1. Great advice for Old Fool's Wife. I feel sorry for the poor woman. She's probably lived with her husband's roaming eyes her whole life.

  2. Hearing about men like Roger reminds me of how much I appreciate my husband.

  3. Susan, I agree. I think I would be incredibly offended and hurt by his actions!

    Anita, I'm so happy for you that you have a husband worth appreciating =-) hold on tight to him!